Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where's My Flying Car?
an update

Eight and a half years ago, in one of my first columns, before we even had a true blog, I posed the question: Where's my flying car? I linked to the Moller Skycar and mentioned that it seemed that that project had been "stuck in limbo for 20 years". Add another 8 and a half to the total. Paul Moller & co. are still at it. They still are trolling for investors, and at least from an outsider's position, they don't look to be any closer to a working flying car than they were back in 2001. has posted a concise history of flying car projects. A recent flying car (and more feasible than the skycar) is the Terrafugia Transition. Pictures of the Transition from the Weburbanist article are at right.

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