Wednesday, May 05, 2010

People Who are Banned from Wal-Mart (OR Should Be)

I've had 3-4 clients who have called me over the past few years complaining that they are banned from Wal-mart. One might expect that it would involve suspected shoplifters, but in fact, from what I can tell, that's not usually the case. Most of the cases that I've seen involve "uppity" shoppers. Generally, they're just people who argue with Wal-Mart security personnel.

Apparently it's not uncommon to be banned from Wal-mart. I asked my friend, the superhero, the Googleteer(tm), to check on the situation. Here's the search

"banned from wal-mart" returned 21,800 hits. The most prominent of the hits involved For more creative ways to be banned from Wally World, check out this blog post. Despite Wal-mart's efforts to weed out undesirables, quite a few strange and barely functional people are welcome in Wal-mart's aisles. These denizens are called Walmartians, and they gather at Wal-mart from planets all over the universe.

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