Saturday, March 20, 2010

Superbus - Move Over

I hate posting about serious stuff on the week. The picture on the right is from a Jalopnik post. A group of Dutch students have designed a "Superbus" that can carry 23 passengers in comfort at 130 MPH.

That ain't nothing boys & girls. Check out the Nuclear-powered bus below from the 1976 movie The Big Bus.

No, they didn't take it seriously. Here's a clip of the "one lousy foot" scene from the movie. The Big Bus came and left the theaters with nary a whimper. Watching this clip, it's hard not to notice similarities in tone with Airplane! which came along 4 years later in 1980.

Is an atomic-powered bus the best way to travel? Not if you have a Supertrain.

Of all the futuristic transportation alternatives in 1976, the atomic-powered RV of Ark-II takes the cake. Actually, I don't know if this one was atomic-powered. I never made it far enough to find out.

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