Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ex Presidents Unite

The SNL actors who have portrayed US Presidents have united for a video at Funny or Die in support of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Everyone that could be there showed up for this

Chevy Chase - Gerald Ford
Dan Ackryod - Jimmy Carter (who looks a lot like Archie Bunker)
Jim Carrey - Ronald Reagan (subbing for Phil Hartman, who's dead)
Dana Carvey - George (41) Bush
Daryl Hammond - Bill Clinton
Will Farrell - George (43) Bush
Fred Arminsen - Barrack Obama
Mia Rudolph - Michelle Obama

Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan steals the show with his intro line, "I came back to help Mister 'Reach across the aisle' grow a pair." No truer words were spoken.

Funny stuff.

Funny stuff

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