Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toyota Boosts Prius Production

After receiving preorders exceeding 100,000 units, Toyota announced that it is boosting production of its Prius hybrid from 43,000 per month to 50,000. Multiply that by 12 months, that's 600,000 units per year. Multiply that by an average selling price of $23,000 per unit, and that makes $13.8 billion dollars in revenue from this model alone. That's not too far off Chrysler's total revenue projection. The Prius is only manufactured in Japan for now. Toyota was planning on assembling the Prius in a new factory in Mississippi in 2010. Even though the production plant was 90% complete, the project was mothballed in December 2008 due to the worsening economy. I wonder if current sales projections will give the Toyota brass enough confidence to restart the Mississippi project.

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