Friday, May 01, 2009

April 2009 Sales Numbers - Industry Down 1/3
Ford & GM Better than Expected - Chrysler Sales Plummet

Ford sales were down 31% from last year, but for the first time this year, Ford outsold Toyota, because Toyota was down 42%. Ford continues to gain market share by having its sales go down by a lower percentage than the sales of rival makes.

GM sales were down 34%, roughly even with the industry average. Given all the negative publicity over GM's finances, average is probably a win.

Chrysler sales were shockingly bad. Chrysler cars were down 61% compared to last year, and Chrysler trucks were down 44%. (Remember, this is with Employee Plus Plus pricing, that is, the employee price, cash back and 0% financing.) Total Chrysler sales were 48% below last year. Last year was no great shakes. Sales in April 2008 were 28% below 2007. In other words, prior to filing bankruptcy, Chrysler's sales were only 37% what they were two years ago, and two years ago Chrysler was already in bad enough shape that Daimler was bailing out and effectively paying Cerberus to take over the company.

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