Tuesday, May 19, 2009

George W. Bush in Retirement
"Can Timmy come over to play?" and more

Judging from this Newsweek.com article, George W. Bush appears to be settling into private life in Midland, Texas, and he's more than a little board. He's even inviting neighborhood kids to come over and hang out with him. (Here's a tip from Michael: it helps if you have a chimp and an amusement park.) I wonder if his experience in reverting to private life is anything like his father's was way back in 1993?

Maybe he'll invite his buddies Harold & Kumar to hang out with him.

Ironically, Kumar (to be specific, actor Kal Penn) is back at the White House. He's Undersecretary for Public Affairs for President Obama. If there's a wet towel under the door, don't come knocking. Harold is now getting really high. Actor John Cho is Sulu in J.J. Abram's Star Trek. Penn and Cho are set to reunite for a second sequel, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, to be shot next summer for a Christmas 2010 release.

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