Monday, April 27, 2009

Pontiac G8
Future Classic

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The blogosphere is full of mourning over the loss of Pontiac. Pontiac was an underachieving brand, but it was OUR underachieving brand, damn it!

Fritz Henderson indicated that Pontiac's cars would not be resurrected under new badges. That means goodbye to the Solstice, Goodbye to the Vibe, and sadly, goodbye to the Aussie musclecar, the G8. Oh, G8, we hardly knew ye. I'm sorry I left you alone on that dealer lot all those cold lonely nights. The G8 was not a sales success, but it got generally good reviews. More than anything else, the G8 is a victim of lousy timing. The 2008 Model debut coincided with $4.00/gallon gas prices. The 2009 model arrived with the general economic freefall.

Ironically, with all the attention being paid to the passing of Pontiac, the G8 is finally starting to get noticed. My old superhero buddy, the GOOGLETEER, flew in the window and did this web search

"Pontiac G8" (and) future-classic

and the search returned 20,200 hits.

If you act now, you should be able to get a discount and some incentive bucks. I bet a month from now, it will be a different story entirely.

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