Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rest in Peace - BUD HIBBS

Word came to me recently of the passing of Bud Hibbs. Most people don't recognize the name, but if you ever searched the web for answers to problems with abusive debt collectors, not only are you likely to have come across Bud's name, but he probably gave you more help than anyone else. Bud's website, is the best place on the web for information on the scams run by collection agencies. Even though Bud was not an attorney, he was adopted into the fold by the consumer attorneys at NACA, and he was a regular at NACA conferences. I did not really know Bud. I talked to him for a few minutes at a few conferences, but that was the limit of our face to face interaction. On the other hand, I exchanged emails with Bud on countless occasions. He usually had inside information on the collection agency that I was dealing with. He was always a gentleman, and he never asked for anything in return for his information. Goodbye Bud, you will be missed.

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  1. Anonymous12:05 AM

    He was a piece of shit that would routinely call owners of collection agencies and demand money to be removed from his website. May you suffer and rot in hell.


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