Thursday, June 09, 2011

Did I Cost the Democrats a Senate Seat?
Worrying about an "Evan Bayh is an Alien" remark

Recently I was at the gym reading Indianapolis Monthly magazine while half-assedly pedaling the exercise bike. The magazines were kind of old. This one was from January 2011, and the cover story was a post-retirement interview with Senator Evan Bayh.

If you don't remember the political follies of last year, I'll give you a refresher. In February of last year, (nominally) Democratic senator Evan Bayh abruptly and surprisingly announced that he would not run for re-election in November of that year. Bayh had millions of dollars in his campaign chest, and nobody was planning on opposing him in the May primary. Long story short, the Democrats didn't have time to field an fund a top tier candidate for the race, and they lost the Senate seat in November.

Why did I think that I was responsible? In the Indianapolis Monthly article, which is not available online, Bayh talks about various reasons that he decided not to run. He mentions mean posts about him in blogs including one post that he is actually an alien from another planet. When I read that, I paused. I remembered that I had mentioned the possibility that Evan Bayh is an alien in my blog. Specifically, "Has he always been a spy from the planet Mediocrity sent here to take up space until his identity is discovered? "

Did my outing Bayh as an alien cause him not to run? I got so anxiety-filled that I had to dash home to go online and look for my blog entry. Much to my relief, I posted AFTER he had decided not to run, so I didn't cause his brave Sir Robin election-avoidance maneuver. Apparently, somebody else discovered that Bayh was an alien. I was just a good guesser.

Today Bayh's back in the news again. He's going to work for the Chamber of Commerce, campaigning against "excessive regulation". He's not lobbying, you understand. Evan Bayh hasn't learned anything. His pro-financial industry votes in Congress helped create the financial collapse that we're still having problems digging out from under. he fought health care reform while his wife was taking countless dollars as a board member for Wellpoint. The Senate is better off without him, but he should have done the honorable thing and either gotten out of the way earlier or run, won and resigned. Thank God that President Obama picked good ol' "Uncle Joe" Biden as his Vice-President.

Time for a marginally related video:

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