Monday, February 07, 2011

Tobias Boyland (a/ka "Bags of Money"), America's Most Wanted Debt Collector, is on the Run
Presumed Armed and Dangerous

Tobias Boyland gained his 5 minutes of fame when his multitude of debt collection agencies were spotlighted by ABC's 20-20 for their outrageous collection methods which included racial epithets and threats of physical violence.

The agencies were shut down sometimes afterwards, and Boyland was convicted of illegal gun possession. Apparently it's illegal to own an AK-47 if you are a convicted felon (like Boyland), who knew?

Well just when you think that it's okay to give a repeat offender an even break, wouldn't you know it that Mr. Boyland decided that it would be appropriate to not go to prison when ordered, thereby becoming a bail jumper. I want to see Gerald Butler pick up Tobias Boyland under his arm like he did Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter. There would be a lot more entertainment in just that image than the entire Bounty Hunter movie. Then again, there was more entertainment in my last root canal than the entire Bounty Hunter movie.

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