Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Wisconsin - AFSCME is Under Attack in its Home Turf

AFSCME began as a union for public sector employees in Wisconsin. There's a huge battle now at the Wisconsin statehouse with a Republican effort to bust the Wisconsin public employee union. The public employees have volunteered to make the financial concessions sought, but that's not good enough for the new Tea-Party-led Republican majority, they want to gut the union entirely. The Democratic members of the house fled the state to avoid a quorum, but if even one Democat breaks, the Republicans will have the quorum they need. Today there was a 70,000 person march on the statehouse. Even though we in local 3357 are not public employees, I think we need to look for opportunities to show solidarity with the public employees, because if the public employees are broken, the race to the bottom will just accelerate.

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