Friday, April 09, 2010

Sony Disables Linux on PS3 - Pisses Off Hitler

I bought a PS3 in December. I bought the new "slim" model. I came this (gesture) close to buying an older model since I read that the slim PS3 couldn't run Linux as an alternative operating system, whereas the older models could. As the Monkees would say, that was then, this is now. On April 1, Sony issued a firmware operating system update # 3.21 that disables the feature to add alternate operating systems on the PS3.

As you might expect, this turn of events angered Adolph Hitler (because everything does). Here's the video direct from Hitler's bunker. (Subtitled language warning NSFW like usual.)

I suspect that class action lawsuits will be flying right and left over this because Sony clearly used the ability to run Linux as a marketing tool, and some users bought the PS3 specifically to use it as a Linux computer. I suspect that Sony will spend more on lawyers than they saved by not having to deal with Linux-related security issues, and in the long run, Sony will end up settling the lawsuits by re-enabling Linux. When they do, I hope they enable it for those of us who bought slims.

Personally, I think Sony ought to embrace the inner computer in the PS3. Next-year's model lineup should include a model with at least a full Gigabyte of ram and with Linux pre-installed. If they want to continue restricting access to the graphics processor to prevent Linux games from competing with their $60.00 PS3 games, then so be it.

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