Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fiat 5 Year Plan:
Bring in Alfa-Romeos, Make Money on Ferraris

Sergio Marchionne unveiled the Fiat Group's 5 year master plan. Perhaps the most controversial element is the plan to grow sales of the Alfa Romeo brand five-fold over the next 5 years, with US sales ramping up from 0 now to 85,000 at the end of the plan. Americans aren't familiar with Alfa Romeos. Jeremy Clarkson of the British car show, Top Gear, summarized the essence of the Alfa brand thusly:

Alfa build a car to be as
good as a car can be. ..briefly.

Here's a clip from Top Gear Season 11 where the three hosts race Alfa Romeos that they bought for 1,000 pounds sterling.

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