Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Hopes Dashed by Apple's Textbook Plan

I had heard that Apple scheduled a big "Apple Event" today to announce it was revolutionizing the textbook business. Since I will have two kids going to college in the next three and a half years, it really got my hopes up when I heard that Apple was going to make a deal with major publishers to put textbooks on the iPad for $14.99 each. The press conference has happened, and it appears that the rumored $14.99 price was correct but the focus will be on middle school and high school texts. When you figure in the cost of a $500 iPad, it's not clear how much savings there will really be. More and more college texts are already going digital, but the pricing structure is not that different from the traditional (and ever-increasing) paper book price.

The revolution will eventually occur but it will probably be too late for my kids.

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