Friday, August 05, 2011

From the Graphene file:
1 Box of Girl Scout Cookies = $15,000,000,000 worth of Graphene

Back in May, I posted that I thought graphene would be the "buzzword of the decade". Here's an example of why I still think that's true: a team of Rice University researchers did a demonstration experiment to see how much graphene they could extract from a single box of Girl Scout cookies. They calculated that, at current prices, they could extract $15 billion worth. That was a number they threw out with a wink and a nod. That's a theoretical quantity times today's market price. In reality when graphene can be practically extracted in such large quantities, the market price will be much, much lower.

Still, I expect that I'll be selling Girl Scout cookies for my daughter again this year, so if you want to be a billionaire, you better buy up.

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