Monday, May 02, 2011

Playstation Network Still Down
Will it be back tomorrow? - eh, maybe

If you've been seeing more of certain members of your family lately, don't get used to it. Sony's Playstation Network (aka PSN) has been down for a couple weeks due to inept design and an opportunistic hacker. Sony finally fessed up that the hacker may have stolen information from another 24.6 million accounts, this time from PC users. (Just round it up to 25, Sony, don't be a wuss.) Depending upon what you read, the hacker may or may not have had access to unscrambled credit card data. Open Letter to Sony - Have you started to consider yet that this might not be a teenaged hacker at all? It looks to me like it could be an inside job by somebody who knows all your secrets.

All or part of the North American network could be back on line tomorrow. I hope so, because, judging from the video below, the mental health consequences could far exceed the financial loss due to identity theft. (Boy these kids look familiar.)


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