Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NYT: Law School Placement and Salary Statistics are a Sham

This will probably come as a surprise to exactly no Local 3357 members, but the New York Times has looked at Law School statistics for job placement and starting salaries and found that not only are the statistics flawed, but they may actually be fraudulent. In the current recession the lack of law jobs has gotten so bad that law school may be even a worse deal than the scammy trade schools that prey on the poorly educated.

Law students are graduating with $250,000 in debt. Some schools were touting $160,000 as an average starting salaries where, in reality, jobs with this kind of salary are scarce as hens' teeth. Many graduates can find no employment, and many others find jobs paying less than the $65,000 per year that it takes to make meaningful headway on their student loan debt. Some law schools are inflating the statistics of the employment percentage of their new graduates by giving the graduates a $20/hour temporary job right before the US News survey cutoff date.

This article is a must read for anybody considering going to law school.

For Law School Graduates, Debts if Not Job Offers - NYTimes.com

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