Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 States Looking into Robosigning by Mortgage Servicers
Where Have They Been the Past 3 Years?

Most of the major mortgage servicers have announced moritoriums (moritoria?) on foreclosures in order to correct questionable paperwork practices, Meanwhile, the attorneys general of all 50 states have no jumped on the bandwagon and have announced a coordinated investigation of mortgage foreclosure practices.

My question: where were the attorneys general three years ago when consumer attorneys first broke news that there was rampant fraud in mortgage filings. It was almost three years ago (October 31,2007) when USDC Judge Boyko through out 14 foreclosure cases by Deutsche Bank on the grounds they couldn't prove their chain of title. Click here to see my write-up on the subject November 16, 2007. I wonder what happened to the homeowners covered by those 14 mortgages. The Deutsche Bank cases made the national news. In my blog post at the time, I linked to a front page New York Times story. In other words, fabricated foreclosure paperwork is nothing new, and has not been a secret. Where were the attorneys general three years ago?

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