Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toyota Suspends Sales of 60% of its Line-up
More Gas Pedal Problems

Problems with gas pedals and unintended accelleration continue to dog Toyota. The floormat fix didn't work, apparently. Now Toyota has suspended sales of 8 models that comprise 60% of its sales volumes in North America, including the Camry.

All this reminds me of the first Bill Cosby standup routine to feature Fat Albert. Cosby wanted to lure Fat Albert to a place where he could scare him so he ran to Albert's house and said, "come on out Albert, Herman's gettin' a beatin'." Albert stomped out yelling, "hey hey hey, I love to see Herman gettin a beatin'." Of course, this begs the question, if Toyota is Herman, who's Junior Barnes? Anyway, getting totally off track of the original post, here's a video of people playing "Buck Buck", because Fat Albert was the baddes buck buck player in the whole world.

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