Saturday, September 19, 2009

From the cars you can't drive to work file:
Art Arfons' Green Monster - Yours for $51,100.

found this former land speed record car on Ebay. For less than a fully loaded Chevy Suburban, you could get this handmade car. With a top speed of around 650 miles per hour, you could make your 10 mile commute to work in less than one minute. Of course, stopping for red lights would be a bitch.

Why is this car so cheap? Well, it's a rebuilt wreck, and you know what salvage titles do to your trade-in value. Actually, the problem with the Green Monster is that it's obsolete. According to a feature article in this month's Popular Science magazine, there are a couple teams gunning to take the land speed record up to 1000 miles per hour. Imagine you're tooling down the Bonneville salt flats in your $51,000 Green Monster, when some f'ing jerk comes up behind you going 1,000, closing at 350 mph. It's probably Kanye, that jackass.

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