Saturday, August 01, 2009

2010 A Ford Odyssey
1996 Ford Concept Synergy 2010 vs. 2010 Ford Taurus

The silver car is the Ford Synergy 2010, a 1996 concept car projecting a family car of the future (2010) that could get 80 miles per gallon. It was funded in part by the Clinton-era industry cooperative venture "Partnership for a New Generation Vehicle" program. The Synergy was designed as a light-weight but midsized vehicle (approximately 2,200 lbs.) with a 1-liter direct-injected diesel engine with electric assist.

The red car is the 2010 Ford Taurus, Ford's latest family car. It's gotten good reviews, and by all accounts, it's a competent, well-rounded large car. It's also gained a couple hundred pounds over the previous generation and now weighs in at over 2 tons, almost a thousand pounds heavier than the Taurus that was the king of the auto world in the late '80s and early '90s. The new Taurus is a lot faster, has much more safety equipment, more space, and gets the roughly the same gas mileage as the 3,200 lb. Taurus of 1992.

I'm working on a blog post comparing the new Taurus to the other new full-sized new entry for 2010, the Buick Lacrosse. I hope to get it done this weekend.

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  1. -6-pack7:07 PM

    I'm an old car fan, and I can tell that the car on the right side is a really old car! ^_^

    really good VS !


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