Monday, June 29, 2009

Rumors that Toyota will License the Prius to GM

There are rumors (and denials) that GM and Toyota are working out a deal for GM to sell a version of the Toyota Prius. Keep in mind, as of yet there is no DEAL, much less a product. Though the 2010 Prius is on the road, it could be a couple years before a GM-sourced version would hit the road even if the two companies came to terms this summer. If they come to terms, I wouldn't be too surprised if a substantial government order sealed the deal.

It may be a long time (if ever) before we find out the inside deal with the Toyota/GM discussions. It would be sad if Toyota offered to let GM build a Prius but GM turned down the offer to concentrate on the Volt. The Volt has some potential, but it will cost twice what the Prius does. The Prius sells enough units to be a solid fixture in the top-10 list of all car models. The Volt will be a niche product at best.

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