Friday, February 06, 2009

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Else Clean Out Your Office

This story makes me feel like Paul Harvey. Daniel Bennett spent 7 years on his hands and knees in steamy tropical jungles, scrounging for and collecting the dung of the Butaan lizard. Finally, after seven years, he managed to collect 77 pounds of the stuff. Daniel was a candidate for his PhD in Biology at Leeds University in England, and he was studying the dung as a key element in his doctoral studies preparation. That is, he was until a hard working custodian noticed a big unmarked bag of s***, disposed of it, and in so doing jeopardized Mr. Bennett's career.

According to my source article fromt the Daily Mail, the university plans to ward Daniel his doctorate anyway. Finally, proof that a doctorate degree is worth a s***.

And now you know (pause) the REST of the story. Page Two. . .

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